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Where are we now?

Hi everyone,

Sorry we have taken so long to update, but I had a lot of trouble setting up the wireless internet, due to no recption. But now we are operating.

Our first stop was Split Rock Dam near Tamworth as we were unable to find a place to find our fortune looking for sapphires. The dam was very low and the campsite was pretty poor, but it did the job for the night. From there we headed of to Sofala via Mudgee.

We camped near the river at Sofala and it rained the whole time. In fact we have only had 3 days of sunshine since we left on the 2/2/08. We started to think that maybe we could hire ourselves out as drought breakers, until we got to Trunkey Creek where no matter what we did we were unable to open up the rain clouds for Vicki and Terry.

Whilst we were at Sofola we went across to Hillend and looked through the Museum and around the town.

We also visited the Abercrombie Caves and walked to the top of Mount Gray, the view was amazing and the caves beautiful. I recommend anyone that hasn't seen them to make the trip.

We left Trunkey on Friday and headed down to Kiama where have stayed for the past week, thanks to Jim's sister and her husband. We are staying at Minnamurra right on the river (it is magic). From here we have been up to see Aaron and Bianca at the Cross and out to Camden to spend the night with Merril and Arthur.

We have visited Mount Kieara Lookout where we met some random people who told us all about Tassie and where we should go and what we should see. From there we headed to the Nan Tien Temple and spoke with another lady who also told us how great Tassie is.

Between Sandra and Graeme, the people from the lookout and the lady from the Temple I think that our trip to Tassie will be great and we will probably be sorry to leave. I am really looking forward to it not only because Tassie seems to be a beautiful place but because we will be meeting up with friends from Nana Glen.

The only damper so far is the failing of our electronic equipment. The GPS (relationship saver) is not working and I am not exactly sure how we are going to get it to work ( but I guess that will give me something to do for the next couple of days). Also our pre paid phone seems non responsive to what we want it to do. At this rate the fixing of the electronics is going to send us broke before the petrol does.

But never mind I guess that this is all part of the experience.

We are off the Minnimurra Falls (this should be fun as the last time I was there was when I was about 10) and the telstra shop (this won't be pretty and the last time I was there was Wednesday).

Not much else for now will update later.

See You Cheryl and Jim

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Jim and Cheryl's dream

Getting it together

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Hi everyone,

We have worked out the date that we are leaving (2/2/2008).

Our camper trailer is ready and only needs a few more things to be purchased for the trip and the pantry stocked. The Kombi is serviced and ready to go and we are counting down the days.

We plan to leave Coffs Harbour on the saturday and head west to Barrabra for a couple of days to find a huge sapphire that will finance the rest of our trip. From there we will head to Bathurst via Forbes to see a couple of Aunts and cousins before going back to the coast along the Hume Highway to Kiama.

We will then head down the South Coast ( where there will be waves ) so that Jim can surf some of his old surfing grounds from his younger years. We hope to call on friends on the way down before making our way into Victoria and boarding the Spirit of Tasmania.

In Tassie we will meet up with friends from Nana Glen and spend a week with them before they head home. After this our plans are open and we will just wander our way around Australia at a leisurely pace. It will be great, no fixed plans and no hurry.

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